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Austrade's Annual Reports

Annual Reports 2008-2014

Austrade Annual Reports
Annual Report 2013-14 PDF Version (5.4MB) HTML Version
Annual Report 2012-13 PDF Version (4MB) HTML Version
Annual Report 2011-12 PDF Version (2.2MB) HTML Version 
Annual Report 2010-11 PDF Version (22MB) HTML Version
Annual Report 2009-10 PDF Version (7MB)
Annual Report 2008-09 PDF Version (4MB)
Annual Report 2007-08 PDF Version (8MB)


Austrade Annual Report 2006-07
Cover 468KB
Letter of transmittal 86KB
Contents 75KB
Chief Executive Officer's report 118KB
Highlights 513KB
Austrade at a glance 961KB
Austrade's programs 117KB
Looking ahead - the future is global 483KB
Part 1: Austrade Overview 1.2MB
Part 2: Report on Performance 3.0MB
Part 3: Corporate management and accountability 1.4MB
Part 4: Financial Statements 1.3MB
Part 5: Appendices 548KB
Abbreviations and acronyms 34KB
Compliance index 47KB
List of figures and tables 38KB
Index 43KB

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Austrade Annual Report 2005-06
Cover 190KB
Contents 40KB
Letter of transmittal 135KB
Mission and vision 175KB
Highlights 40KB
Chief Executive Officer's report 75KB
Austrade at a glance 45KB
Part 1: Austrade Overview 430KB
Part 2: Austrade divisions, regions and enabling areas 1.4MB
Part 3: Outcomes and outputs 1MB
Part 4: Accountability and governance 500KB
Part 5: Financial statements 1.75MB
Appendixes 175KB
List of figures and tables 45KB
Compliance index 45KB

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Austrade Annual Report 2004-05
Cover 338KB
Letter of transmittal 300KB
Mission and vision 644KB
Highlights 710KB
Managing Director's report 30KB
Austrade at a Glance 52KB
Part 1: Austrade overview 1.25MB
Part 2: Outcomes and outputs - our achievements 357KB
Part 3: Services, accountability and governance 311KB
Part 4: Financial Statements 290KB
Appendixes 243KB
List of figures and tables 16KB

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