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Insight - The future of Australian finance in China
28 Jan 2015China
Australia’s free trade agreement with China offers our financial services sector an unprecedented opening to the capital markets of what may soon be the world’s largest economy.
Insight - Energy security concerns are transforming the energy landscape in Central Europe
8 Dec 2014Czech Republic | Poland | Slovak Republic
The energy sector in Europe and the Central European region is undergoing a fundamental transformation as the region seeks to ensure its energy security.
Insight - Tiger unleashed: Why Australian companies could reap the rewards of India’s roaring economy
2 Dec 2014India
Since India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi assumed office earlier this year, India has embarked on a program of reform which, if successful, will provide a better environment for Australian business.
Insight - Protecting intellectual property rights in China
8 Aug 2014China
Protecting Intellectual property rights can present certain challenges for Australian companies in many jurisdictions and China is no exception.
Insight - Five remarkable things you need to know about Taiwan
31 Jul 2014Taiwan
Taiwan’s high and sustained economic growth from the 1960s onwards has been fuelled by its export-led growth strategy. With a small domestic market, Taiwan has used strong demand abroad for its export ...
Insight - Corporate social responsibility, a new type of economic diplomacy in India?
14 May 2014India
In the 1960s and 1970s, Australians travelled to India to find enlightenment; nowadays Australian companies are finding that enlightened self-interest is helping them forge a new type of economic dipl ...
Insight - Polish aviation industry seeks Australian connections
15 Apr 2014Poland
The Polish aviation industry is playing an increasingly significant role in the global aviation supply chain.
Insight - Online retail driving sales growth in the UK
29 Jan 2014United Kingdom
The UK retail experience of Christmas 2013 has re-inforced the growing role of online sales and, within that, the successful integration of online and store based sales through ‘click and collect’ ser ...
Insight - The View from KL - More than just Kuala Lumpur
14 Jan 2014Malaysia
There is more to Malaysia than just Kuala Lumpur. So often an Australian company will fly into the capital for a day or two of meetings but will not give a thought to other parts of the country, even ...
Insight - China’s Challenge – Ambition and Execution
13 Dec 2013China
China’s Third Plenum has embraced an ambitious reform agenda that promises to transform modern China. Remarkable changes are in prospect and global companies are already jostling for advantage in a fi ...

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