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Austrade's publications

Austrade has a range of publications available for download and are listed in date order below.


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Type Title Description Size KB Last Edited Category
pdf icon Case-Study-Investment-Firefly-design.pdf Case-Study-Investment-Firefly-design 322 27/07/15
pdf icon Recreational-Boat-Manufacturing-Marina-Services-ICR.pdf Recreational-Boat-Manufacturing-Marina-Services-Industry-Capability-Report 2015 1503 24/07/15 None
pdf icon ecommerce-in-China_Roy-Hui.pdf Market Engine, Roy Hui, e-commerce in China presentation, 2015 7843 23/07/15 None
pdf icon ecommerce-in-China_Chris-Morley.pdf Premium Australia Foods, Chris Morley, e-commerce in China presentation, 2015 6404 23/07/15 None
pdf icon ecommerce-in-China_Hillary-Wang.pdf Winning through cooperation, Hillary Wang, e-commerce in China presentation, 2015 1583 23/07/15 None
pdf icon ecommerce-in-China_Chris-Guo.pdf Winning in China with YHD, Chris Guo, e-commerce in China presentation, 2015 3626 23/07/15 None
pdf icon ecommerce-in-China_Ben-Sun.pdf Using Big Data to Reveal What Chinese Consumers Want, Benjamin Sun, e-commerce in China presentation, 2015 1071 23/07/15 None
pdf icon ecommerce-in-China_Jaff-Tian.pdf Make Joy Happen, Jaff Tian, e-commerce in China presentation, 2015 912 23/07/15
pdf icon ecommerce-in-China_Richard-Cant.pdf Protecting and Managing Intellectual Property in China, Richard Cant, e-commerce in China presentation, 2015 1679 23/07/15
pdf icon ecommerce-in-China_Ben-Franzi.pdf Current industry and the Asian Opportunity, Ben Franzi, e-commerce in China presentation, 2015 736 23/07/15
pdf icon EMDG-Introduction EMDG-Introduction 414 20/07/15
pdf icon Case Study - Investment - Grupo Alibercio design Case Study - Investment - Grupo Alibercio design 336 17/07/15
pdf icon Invest Success Story Cloudera.pdf Invest CaseStudy, Cloudera 2015 283 13/07/15
pdf icon Webinar-Women-in-Global-Business.pdf Women in Global Business - Tips for applying in the Australian Export Awards, July 2015 787 10/07/15 None
pdf icon Data Alert: Australia a Top Ten foreign investment destination, UNCTAD report shows For the fourth consecutive year Australia remains in the Top Ten global destinations for foreign direct investment (FDI) according to the UN Conference on Trade and Development’s (UNCTAD) World Investment Report 2015. 100 09/07/15 None
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