EMDG consultants are independent businesses that help exporters prepare and lodge EMDG grant applications. The first step in becoming an EMDG Consultant is to apply to Austrade.  Anyone who believes that they have the appropriate skills, knowledge, experience and competence can apply by completing the form in the Guide for EMDG consultants (PDF).

All Consultants can lodge EMDG applications on behalf of applicants during the standard lodgement period which is from 1 July to 30 November each year.

Consultants that lodge five (5) or more claim in a grant year will be invited by Austrade to apply to participate in the voluntary consultant Quality Incentive Program.  If a consultant meets the approval criteria (detailed in the determination), they will be able to lodge EMDG applications during the extended lodgement period, which is from the beginning of December to the end of February each year.

The following lists detail the consultants that have met the conditions of the Quality Incentive program for the 2014-15 grant year.

These lists will be updated in September to show the consultants that have access to the extended lodgement period for the 2015-16 grant year.

The full register of participating EMDG consultants can be accessed here.

From 1 July 2014, provisions preventing the payment of EMDG grants to applicants engaging an EMDG consultant who is assessed to be a not fit and proper person will apply. The relevant Guideline and its Explanatory Statement can be accessed on the Australian Government’s ComLaw website.