What exporters have to say about EMDG

“I highly recommend this program for Australian exporters. We were unaware of it until approached by a consultant. The process was straightforward, the reporting requirements reasonable, and the audit was conducted professionally by an auditor that was interested in our business and results.

“I genuinely had the feeling that the government was out there to help small businesses and stimulate export, and that is what it is all about. Great initiative we will continue to use it.”

Gerard Vos, Managing Director, Spectrum Message Services Pty Ltd


“Thank you for your tremendous help last year with the EMDG application. I thought I would share with you some good news that we have experienced this week. We have just signed an MOU with a Singaporean-Indonesian joint venture group to build and operate educational precincts in Indonesia, more specifically Jakarta in the first instance.

“This enterprise will take a number of years to develop fully, with construction starting this year and classes commencing in 2016. As a long-term project, this will see revenue in the tens of millions being generated each year, with a significant share of this flowing back to Australia through CIRCLE. This assumes, of course, we can deliver on our promises and we will do our best to do so!

“On top of this, we have commenced work on a slightly more modest scale with a wide group of schools from around the globe, that seeks to measure the impact of character development of schools and their programs. The return for us at this stage is less grand but has the potential to expand considerably with the development of a world-first educational assessment tool that has direct relevance for schools everywhere.

“Both of these opportunities arose directly from the marketing activities in 2011-2013 that were supported through the EMDG. We are very grateful for this support and would be delighted to keep you informed as to progress with developments.”

Dr Philip Cummins, Managing Director, Department of Education, University of Tasmania – CIRCLE


“I am writing to thank you for your input and audit approach that I have undertaken with Austrade for the EDMG Grant. The approach taken has been particularly useful and has helped me refine the approach that I have been using to engage with prospective licencees and partners for the technology and products that I have developed.

“I look forward to successfully driving forward and hope to represent Australia as a source for innovation and excellence in my field of focus. I appreciate the support from Austrade, it has given me an extra impetus and confidence that is of real assistance. Thanks for your support, most appreciated.”

Tony Logue, Director, Logue & Co. Pty Ltd


“I just wanted to drop you a quick email to thank you for your assistance with our EMDG application. It is very rare that I’m impressed with a government organisation, but I want to make a special mentioned of how easy I have found working with you.

“As a young company doing something a bit different and innovative, we regularly find ourselves not fitting into the discrete categories and boxes that so many large organisations have set up. Thus it was a pleasant surprise to find that Austrade had people who were so helpful in working through this with us and took the time to understand what we were doing and ensure that we were given a fair chance to participate in the EMDG program.

“A big thanks to your staff for their help and efforts. It’s much appreciated.”

Johann Odou, CEO, Professional Services Champions League


“Thank you for the notification of the approval of our 2012/13 Export Market Development Grant application. We are particularly impressed by the rapid response from your department that has resulted in a prompt approval of our application.

“The EMDG Scheme is of great importance to us. As you know, we are a small company, operating in a high technology niche market within the aerospace industry. A significant number of our customers are large overseas corporations. It is very important that we continue to promote our products to these companies in the USA, Europe, Japan and South East Asia. The EMDG assistance enables us to maintain visibility in overseas markets that we would otherwise find difficult to afford. The EMDG assistance has, and is, continuing to employ suitably skilled people in Tasmania and is a very important factor in our planned expansion into further new markets.

“We are aware that the EMDG Scheme is under review. We are more than happy to tell of our experience with the Scheme and to encourage its continuation and expansion.”

Dr Ken Hosking, Chief Operating Officer, Currawong Engineering Pty Ltd


“Thank you for your prompt processing of our claim for the Export Marketing Development Grant for 2012/13. The EMDG has been instrumental in assisting our company's growth. Last year we won the Tasmanian Export Award and our overseas revenue is now the fastest growing component of our business. Since signing onto the EMDG program, our employment numbers have grown from 19 to 40 people, and we’ve had 10 years of double digit growth.

“As result of our export activities, ISW, a Hobart based business, is now developing Software for the Swiss Based R&D Division of a large multinational. We competed and won business against local European software developers, and now have clients throughout the regions of world with a growing prospect list. Without programs like EMDG it would make exporting financially challenging for many businesses. “

Ian Warner, Managing Director, ISW Development Pty Ltd


“Funding from EMDG has been critical to the success we have achieved with our growing international customers. We are focussed on growing the value of our technology as well as expanding the range of products we offer for a range of global markets. Over the next 5 years we see significant growth internationally for Indice and we need the ongoing support of Austrade to maximise the opportunity available to the benefit of Indice, our employees, shareholders and the Australian economy.”

Aaron Brown, Director, Indice Ecotech Pty Ltd


“This was our final year with the EMDG. The program is outstanding and it makes one proud to be Australian. The program has been a huge help for our company and we have grown in size and creditability.

“From my perspective, EMDG was a big help for relationship development. I am a big advocate for strong business relationships based on friendships and trust. Having assistance to visit countries and seek distributors and form personal relationships was fundamental to the establishment of our brand. All the hard work is now starting to pay dividends and I believe we will have solid growth next year again built on relationship established whilst part of the EMDG.”

Daniel Holloway, Business Director, Shapers Australia Pty Ltd


“I've just been through the process of applying for an EMDG grant and wanted to provide some feedback. To be honest, I wanted to say that it has been a great experience and I've been amazed by your efficiency and client services. I completed the grant application on line which was very straight forward (except for the bit where the upload documents change if you go back and edit, but that was actually relatively easy). Also, I had to call for assistance on one occasion and I was answered straight away, treated extremely well and then passed onto another expert who was also able to assist. They actually helped me more than I had expected. The process was well documented and I appreciated getting confirmation of receipt after my submission. I have been reviewed promptly and was surprised how efficiently I've heard back….

“I really just wanted to say thank you and well done and what a wonderful experience to interact with a government service with such professionalism, genuine care and smart people! You are much appreciated. Please pass onto your management that you are doing an awesome job!! My very best.”

Liz Hanson, Director, Business Opportunity Group Pty Ltd, trading as Athlete Assessments


“As an exporter (almost 100%) for the past 10 years, EMDG is one of the best support schemes open to SMEs, especially to those starting their initial phase of exporting. It also provides the discipline to get trip reports completed asap for future reference, as well as establishing sound business practice (financial and BAS return, etc.).

“Unlike the domestic market, exporters are often faced with unknown challenges, with currency having the biggest negative impact. The protracted GFC and low market confidence have also impacted my export business in the past 5 years, with turnover reduced from $2.4m to under $1.0m at the peak of GFC. In the medium term, there are still many economic and market risks regardless of whether you are a new or experienced exporter. The uncertainty in China markets over the years has prompted me to seek new business in South Korea (started last year), where EMDG would help in coming years, but alas, 2012/13 is my last year of eligibility.

“I take this opportunity to thank Austrade and its centres in China and Korea in helping me in the past 10 years in these export markets.”

Mr Chuan Ong, Managing Director, Furntree Australia Pty Ltd


"Some of our first steps into overseas markets were taken with the help of Austrade...Programs like EMDG have been an integral part of our growth....

Leigh Jasper, CEO, Aconex


"With the help of the EMDG, Global Valve Technology has been able to take their Valve Technology internationally, allowing us access to the world’s top manufacturers"

Rod Wakefield, CEO, Global Valve Technology


"The EMDG grant has allowed our company to travel, promote and market our professional internship programs to the global marketplace with great success"

Diana Pilling, Managing Director, Australian Internships Pty Ltd


"The service offered by Austrade has been so useful and the effect of the grants on a small business like ours massive. The grants have enabled us to dramatically speed up our product promotion overseas and we are likely to export two full sea containers this financial year as a result.."

David Bennett, Managing Director, Aquabiotics Pty Ltd


"We are most grateful for the further marketing opportunities the Grant will enable FrOG Tech to undertake."

Cath McKenna, Practice Manager, FrOG Tech Pty Ltd


“EMDG has helped Stellar to pursue new export markets for our products through assistance with travel costs and samples costs. Stellar now sells to customers in over 23 countries.

Trevor Haine, Finance Director, Stellar Films Group


"Thank you for your advice regarding our application. The whole process has been painless and encourages us to participate further with our international markets."

Paul Greenaway, Director, G Company Pty Ltd


"The funds are a huge help to us as a new company trying to market and sell our CSIRO world-first technology. These first couple of years have been quite difficult, however, we have a great team and product, and appreciate the support from Austrade for our overseas marketing."

Serena Niap, Group Accountant, Hydrodec Development Corporation


"The financial assistance helps so much in assisting us to continue our export drive. Small companies like ours may get a start without financial support but would find it very difficult to sustain...."

Marie Brereton, Managing Director, Scuttle Clothing Pty Ltd


"We are most appreciative of the speed with which our application was assessed and approved. Please pass on our thanks to the Grants Assessor for her prompt and professional attention to the claim."

David Moon, Rarity Sport Australia Pty Ltd


"Thankyou for the very quick outcome and professional service. We have some interesting overseas opportunities in the pipeline and appreciate the support ... both financial and personal".

Ross Didier, Origindidier - Product Design Practice


“EMDG has helped our company greatly. It has enabled us to maintain our permanent representative to assist us in capturing the new Canadian market. This would have been very difficult without the local knowledge and understanding of the market.”

Robert Tiricovski, Managing Director, RV & Sons Pty Ltd


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