EMDG Publications

I need to understand what EMDG is all about:

EMDG At a Glance (PDF) - a two page, colour brochure providing an overview of the EMDG scheme
EMDG In Brief (PDF) - this provides more detail on the EMDG scheme, and how businesses can apply for a grant.  It provides a summary of the expenditure categories, and details of ineligible expenditure items
Coaching Videos - an alternative to some of our written guidance material, this series of 12 short videos provides a useful introduction to the EMDG scheme, and explains the categories of eligible expenditure in more detail. A webinar recording (45 minutes) explaining the basics of the scheme is also available.
EMDG Update e-newsletter - our quarterly EMDG Update contains information and updates on the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme including key dates, upcoming events, EMDG exporter success stories, and tips for intending applicants. Email us to subscribe.  Previous EMDG updates are also available.
Guide to expenses incurred from 2016-17 (PDF) - if you are incurring expenditure for a claim to be lodged from 1 July 2017, you should be aware of a number of changes to the EMDG scheme rules.

I want to apply to the EMDG scheme: 

EMDG online application form - Applications for the 2015-16 grant year open 1 July 2016, and close midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) 30 November 2016.  If an application is lodged by an EMDG Consultant approved for extended lodgement, the deadline is extended until midnight AEDT 28 February 2017
A Guide to Applying for EMDG (PDF) - this publication assists applicants as they prepare to, and complete their online application form
Applicant Declaration (PDF) - this document must be printed, signed by the applicant, and a scanned copy uploaded to your EMDG application
Consultant Declaration (PDF) - if an application is being prepared by a consultant, this document must also be printed, signed by the consultant, and a scanned copy uploaded to the EMDG application
Confidentiality & Privacy (PDF) - information on how Austrade will treat the information provided in a submitted EMDG application
Terms and conditions of application (PDF) - this document will provide you with the terms and conditions of the use of the EMDG online application.

I would like more guidance on EMDG:

IP Registration and related insurance (PDF) - this factsheet will provide you with details on what can be claimed under this category of expenditure
What if my goods are not made in Australia? (PDF) - this is a guide for applicants seeking to claim expenditure relating to goods not made in Australia
Guide to Record Keeping (PDF) - this publication details the information and documents that may be required to substantiate the expenses in your EMDG claim
How does the Performance Measure work? (PDF) - Applicants that have received two or more grants will need to meet a performance measure.  This factsheet provides more information on each of the two performance measures
Option B Performance Measure (PDF) - if you choose the Option B performance measure, this factsheet will provide you with more information on the requirements of this measure
Approved Body Requirements (PDF) - information on EMDG eligibility requirements for export-focused peak industry associations promoting on behalf of their industry
Approved Joint Venture Requirements (PDF) - information on EMDG eligibility requirements for groups of small to medium Australian businesses cooperating in a joint venture style marketing arrangement
Regional Tourism Bodies and EMDG (PDF) - information on how section 46 of the EMDG Act applies to regional tourism organisations

I would like more technical information about EMDG:

The Export Market Development Grant Act 1997  - Previous versions of the EMDG Act are available here
Trade Legislation Amendment Act (No.1) 2016 - The Export Market Development Grant Act 1997 was amended in March 2016.  This Amendment Act is provided until the compilation of the EMDG Act is prepared.  It should be read in conjunction with the EMDG Act
EMDG Administrative Guidelines - follow this link to access the Administrative Guidelines for the EMDG scheme.  These Guidelines explain Austrade's interpretation of the EMDG Act and how it is applied by Austrade in administering the EMDG scheme
Legislative Instruments and Regulations - there are a number of Ministerial and CEO-made legislative instruments that underpin the operation of the EMDG Act.

How does the EMDG scheme help industry to export?