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Export Market Development Grants Amendment Bill 2014

Amendments to the EMDG Act

The EMDG Act has been amended to implement the Government's 2013 Election commitment and make some technical changes to improve the schemes administration as follows:

  1. increase the number of grants able to be received by an applicant from seven to eight
  2. reduce the minimum expenses threshold required to be incurred by an applicant from $20,000 to $15,000
  3. reduce the current $5,000 deduction from the applicant’s provisional grant amount to $2,500
  4. prevent the payment of grants to applicants engaging an EMDG consultant assessed to be a not fit and proper person
  5. enable a grant to be paid more quickly where a grant is determined before the 1 July following the balance distribution date.

Changes 1 & 3 above apply to the 2013-14 grant year, i.e. applications to be received from 1 July 2014. The other changes are currently in effect.

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