Free Trade Agreement Training Provider Grant

The Free Trade Agreement Training Provider (FTA-TP) Grant has been established to assist eligible organisations deliver tailored training projects aimed at helping Australian small and medium-sized enterprises and stakeholders understand how to use and access FTAs with Korea, Japan, and China. Eligible organisations are as follows:

  • member-based business organisations located in Australia such as chambers of commerce and industry, bilateral business councils and chambers or peak industry/business associations
  • individual Australian companies registered as training providers
  • Australian education institutions.

Grants are merit based and competitive. Eligible applicants were offered between A$20,000 and A$1.372 million in the first grant round and can be offered between A$20,000 and A$773,000 in the second grant round of the programme. Total grant funding available over the life of the programme is $2.45 million.

Objective and goals of the Plan

The objective of the FTA-TP grant is to raise the awareness of Australian SMEs regarding the potential benefits of FTAs with Korea, Japan and China. The grants are designed to deliver information that clearly educates SMEs on how to use and access FTAs effectively. Eligible Australian business organisations, based in Australia, will be supported to deliver training solutions with a direct FTA training focus aimed at building knowledge and understanding of FTAs and providing the tools required to access FTAs.

The key goals of the FTA-TP grant will be to leverage the capability of Australian business organisations to:

  • increase awareness of FTAs in Korea, Japan and China
  • increase understanding of how to use, access and benefit from FTAs in the target markets
  • share accurate information and knowledge to foster greater engagement by Australian SMEs in target FTA markets.

Building greater awareness of FTA benefits, particularly in the SME sector, encouraging engagement, increasing access and utilising opportunities is expected to have a positive impact on the broader economy and particularly on regional Australia. Where relevant, the knowledge gained from delivery of initiatives in this programme will be shared by Austrade with Australian business and stakeholders to ensure maximum awareness and utilisation of FTA benefits.

FTA-TP grants are intended to provide partial funding to eligible Australian business organisations with projects and business activities aimed at achieving the objective and goals of the FTA-TP Grant.

2016 Grant Round

Information on the commencement of the second grant round will be available in April.

Grant Recipients

 2015-2016 grant round recipients

Australian business organisations seeking further information on timing, locations and target sectors pertaining to the FTA training sessions to be delivered by grant recipients should contact the relevant grant recipient directly. 


Guidelines are designed to provide potential applicants with the information they need in order to make an informed decision as to whether they should apply for a grant under the FTA-TP Grant. The Guidelines also outline the information that potential applicants will need to include in an application.

Potential applicants should read these Guidelines in their entirety, as well as the prescribed online application form and draft funding agreement, prior to making a decision to submit an application. These Guidelines are divided into five sections

  • Section 1 provides an overview of the FTA-TP Grant
  • Section 2 provides details on eligibility, merit criteria and the selection process
  • Section 3 provides guidance on what constitutes eligible expenditure
  • Section 4 outlines other requirements relating to grants
  • Section 5 provides information on submitting grant applications

The Guidelines (PDF, 629KB) attached relate to the 2015-2016 grant round and may change for future rounds.

Further information on the FTA-TP Grant

For enquiries specifically relating to the FTA-TP Grant, please email or phone 1300 136 014.