Labour and Skills

Australia's tourism industry employs nearly a million people, with 929 000 people employed directly and indirectly. This accounts for eight per cent of Australia's total employment.

However, there are currently 38,000 unfilled vacancies in the sector and tourism businesses are facing substantial recruitment and retention difficulties and skills deficiencies.

Under Tourism 2020, the Australian Government has identified four key actions to address these challenges:

  1. Improving recruitment and retention for the industry
  2. Enhancing regional workforce planning and development
  3. Identifying education and training gaps and potential mechanisms to address them
  4. Facilitating workforce mobility and expanding the traditional workforce.

This website provides the latest information on relevant programs and resources to assist the tourism industry, regions and businesses address their labour and skills needs.

Tourism Employment Plans
Learn how Tourism Employment Plans are delivering practical measures to address employment challenges across Australia.

Develop Your Workforce
Find information on relevant initiatives, programs and resources to address your employment needs.

Tourism and Hospitality Careers Report 2016
This report assesses what influences the perceptions held by young people, parents, mature age workers and businesses on careers in the tourism and hospitality industry.

Australian Tourism Labour Force Report 2015 - 2020
This report provides a comprehensive picture of the current state of the tourism labour force and associated skills demand and shortages forward to 2020.

What’s New?

Tourism and Hospitality Labour and Skills Roundtable
Austrade has established a Tourism Labour and Skills Roundtable to connect industry with government to help build a sustainable tourism workforce for the future. Read more about the roundtable.

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