Austrade’s Referrals Database

Austrade maintains a referrals database with information on service providers who choose to apply for inclusion. This database is not publicly accessible and information in this database will only be provided to organisations who are recipients of the referrals service.

You can apply to be included in the Austrade referrals database, if your organisation:

  • is experienced in the provision of services to Australian exporters or education providers, or investors into Australia
  • is a registered business in your home jurisdiction, and where required a member of a professional or regulatory body in your area of specialisation
  • maintains appropriate business ethics and demonstrates a commitment to legal obligations including anti-bribery laws, both in Australia and in overseas markets
  • maintains an English-language website that highlights the organisation’s capabilities and experience.

Applications are subject to the terms and conditions outlined below. Austrade reserves the right to suspend or withhold any listings at its absolute discretion.

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Services Provided

Austrade provides referrals for the following types of services. Please indicate only those services which your company has the extensive experience and capability to provide.

Advisory Services
Logistics & Supply Chain
Corporate Services
Market Research
Business Services
Language Services
Legal Services

Note: Austrade collects feedback on its referrals service. Companies which are deemed to be not capable of providing the services indicated will be removed from Austrade's database. You should be able to provide the services indicated, and not merely facilitate their provision.

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Please note: The information below is for Austrade use only and will not be shared with external parties.

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Term and Conditions and Privacy Statement - Austrade Referrals Service

In order to be and remain listed on the Austrade Referrals Database I agree to comply with all Australian laws, including but not limited to Australia's Anti-Bribery laws and privacy laws and the privacy/data protection laws of the country I am in.

I acknowledge and agree that:

  • Austrade may retain contact information for me and my organisation or individuals within my organisation;
  • if I am outside Australia, Austrade will transfer this information outside the country I am in and store this information within Australia; and
  • Austrade may provide this information to third parties for the purposes of delivering a referral and providing the referrals service.

NOTE: More information about the referrals service, including the way Austrade will use the information you provide, and about the third parties that Austrade might provide this information to, is provided on the referrals information page.

If my application contains personal information about me, I consent to the transfer of that information outside the country I am in and the storage of that information within Australia and to the use and disclosure of that personal information by Austrade to third parties for the purposes of Austrade providing the referrals service. Note: If you are submitting an application that contains information about, or contact details for, another person, you should not submit the application without their consent, which we may request from you. We reserve the right to contact the individual direct, in order to satisfy ourselves on the question of consent.

I acknowledge that I am entitled at any time to obtain, and if applicable under the relevant legislation, to modify, rectify, cancel, object to, oppose or remove any personal information (partially or entirely) by addressing a request to I acknowledge that Austrade may request evidence of my identity before complying with my request.

I acknowledge that Austrade does not endorse the organisations registered in the Referrals database and that registration does not entitle any party to claim or imply endorsement by Austrade or the Commonwealth.

All applicants to this Referrals Database acknowledge that the information provided on registration is true and correct.

Applicants acknowledge that they hold qualifications, licenses or professional accreditations and, where necessary, professional indemnity insurance, to provide the necessary services to be listed.

Applicants acknowledge that registration is no guarantee of any referral to the extent permitted by applicable laws, Austrade accepts no liability for any loss associated with the use of referrals information by third parties.

Use of this service is entirely at the user's discretion. Registration and any subsequent referral creates no contractual agreement with any service provider or user. Austrade reserves the right to suspend or withhold any listings at its absolute discretion.

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