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Future Unlimited

About Future Unlimited

Future Unlimited logoIn June 2011, the Australian Government announced a new brand – Future Unlimited – for promoting Australian education internationally.

The brand recognises the decision to invest in an international education is ultimately driven by the desire for a better future. The perceived return on investment in education – future income, life satisfaction, choice – is what matters most.  

Future Unlimited repositions Australian education. It moves the conversation beyond lifestyle and affordability, and focuses on the outcomes of an Australian education. The positioning highlights the global relevance, practicality and quality of our institutions, along with their innovation, creativity and focus on the future.

Future Unlimited reassures students, and their parents, that their investment in an Australian education will be returned in the form of better career and life opportunities; it implies global career options; and reflects the idea of pathways and internationally recognised qualifications and skills.

Future Unlimited promotes Australian education, whether delivered onshore or offshore, among prospective international students or other purchasers of education and training services.

Ultimately, the brand says that an Australian education delivers a future unlimited.

Who can use the brand?

The Future Unlimited brand has been created for organisations whose core business is Australian education and training or its marketing and promotion internationally.

Market Information Package

The Market Information Package (MIP) provides market intelligence, opportunities, analysis and student data to support Australia’s international education sector.

About the Market Information Package

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License Future Unlimited

The Future Unlimited Brand is available for organisations to use in promoting education in Australia.

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  • Future Unlimited

    Future Unlimited logo

    The Future Unlimited brand has been created for Australian education, training, marketing and promotion agencies.

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