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Future Unlimited

Using the brand

Applying to use the brand

If your core business is Australian education and training or its international marketing and promotion, you can make an application to license the brand. This would enable you to obtain electronic files for the Future Unlimited logo and, potentially, other brand assets such as fonts, colour palettes, graphic elements and images. You could then use the brand in marketing materials you produce to promote Australian education and training internationally.

There are two tiers of brand licence.

Category A
Organisation type CRICOS-registered institutions
Australian education sector peak bodies
State or federal government departments or agencies
State-based education marketing bodies

Access an application form for Category A organisations.

Category B
Organisation type Registered providers of Australian qualifications operating offshore
English language proficiency test providers operating in Australia
Education agents or education agent associations representing Australian institutions
Non-education Australian industry bodies
Australian providers of support services to international students

Access an application form for Category B organisations.

Eligibility criteria of the Future Unlimited program

Licensed users of the Future Unlimited brand have a number of criteria they must meet as part of the licensing agreement. Future Unlimited is an asset of the Australian Government. It is administered in accordance with the relevant laws and policies governing the Building Brand Australia Program. Brand licensees must:

  • share the purpose for which Future Unlimited was created; that is, to generate favourable consideration of Australia as a provider of education and training that delivers outcomes for graduates on the basis of its global relevance, practicality and quality, innovation, creativity and focus on the future
  • use the branding on materials/activities that:
    • are consistent with the brand positioning (outlined on the About Future Unlimited page)
    • promote Australian education internationally
    • contribute to favourable consideration of Australian education and training prior to the decision to invest
  • apply the logo and brand assets in ways consistent with the brand guidelines
  • respect the corporate objectives of Austrade and the policies and standards of the Australian Government
  • be financially solvent
  • have a proven track-record of working in international education (toward the promotion of Australian education)
  • pose minimal reputational risk to the Australian Government internationally
  • not be engaged in discriminatory activity or activity which is detrimental to public health and safety.

Enquiries about the Future Unlimited program can be directed to

Market Information Package

The Market Information Package (MIP) provides market intelligence, opportunities, analysis and student data to support Australia’s international education sector.

About the Market Information Package

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License Future Unlimited

The Future Unlimited Brand is available for organisations to use in promoting education in Australia.

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