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EMDG Publications

EMDG application forms

To apply for a grant in relation to your export marketing expenditure in 2013-14, applications open on 1 July 2014, on-line application will be available in
mid-June 2014.

EMDG Update e-newsletter

EMDG Update contains information and updates on the Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) scheme including key dates, upcoming events, EMDG exporter success stories, and tips for intending applicants. Email us to subscribe.

Brochures and Fact Sheets

General Information

Scheme information
EMDG Performance Measure fact sheet 307KB
Special Note! for Option B Performance Measure 227KB
EMDG In Brief 2013-14 grant year 315KB
EMDG - A guide to applying 2013-14 grant year 655KB
Introduction to EMDG (PowerPoint Presentation) 351KB
EMDG Guide to Record Keeping 44KB
EMDG guide for applicants seeking to export goods not manufactured in Australia 150KB
EMDG Fact Sheet - Expense category: IP Registration and related insurance 216KB
Special Approvals information
Approved Joint Venture Requirements - information on EMDG eligibility requirements for groups of small to medium Australian businesses cooperating in a joint venture style marketing arrangement April 2014 325KB
Approved Body Requirements - information on EMDG eligibility requirements for export-focused peak industry associations promoting on behalf of their industry April 2014 332KB
Technical information


(updated 9 April 2014) - applies to 2013/14 and later grant years



(updated 7 July 2010) – applies to 2010-11 grant year until the 2012/13 grant year



(updated 22 December 2008) - applies up to 2009-10 grant year


EMDG Regulations 2008

(applies from the 2008-09 grant year onwards)


Ministerial Determinations (apply from 2008-09 grant year onwards)

Message Not Fit and Proper Persons (NFAP) Guidelines Amendment

NFAP Guidelines Amendment Explanatory Statement

NFAP Guidelines Amendment Determination December 2011

List of Legislative Instruments July 2010

Approved joint ventures guidelines

Genuinely carrying on business in Australia guidelines

Associate and fit and proper person guidelines

Close relationships-event promoters determination

Close relationships-general determination

Grants entry requirements determination

Change of ownership of business guidelines

Made in Australia guidelines

Significant net benefit guidelines

Export performance requirements determination

Australian net benefit requirements (ANBR) determination

ANBR information and document requirements determination

Approved body guidelines

Iran sanction declaration

North Korea sanction declaration

EMDG Consultants Determination 2012






















EMDG Administrative Guidelines

Industry Fact Sheets

Industry-specific information
Regional Tourism Bodies: Regional Tourism Bodies and EMDG September 2012 237KB
Education and Training: How the EMDG scheme helps the education and training sector export April 2012 209KB
Biotechnology: How the EMDG scheme helps the biotechnology sector export April 2012 210KB
Tourism: How the EMDG scheme helps the tourism sector export April 2012 208KB
Fashion: How the EMDG scheme helps the fashion sector export April 2012 209KB
Equine: How the EMDG scheme helps the equine sector export April 2012 212KB
ICT: How the EMDG scheme helps the information and communications technology sector export April 2012 382KB
Arts: How the EMDG scheme helps the arts sector export April 2012 385KB

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Minister announces 2013-14 grant year initial payment ceiling

Read full press release

Amendments to the EMDG Act

See amendments to the EMDG Act that apply to expenditure this year.

Success stories

Read about how other exporters have benefited from EMDG grants

EMDG Fraud Hotline

Provided for those who wish to confidentially report suspected fraud.

How to report a suspected fraud

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