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About Exporting

Expand your business by exporting

Exporting can be a profitable way of expanding your business, spreading your risks and reducing your dependence on the local market. Austrade research shows that, on average, exporting companies are more profitable than their non-exporting counterparts.

Exporting exposes you to new ideas, management practices, marketing techniques, and ways of competing that you wouldn’t have experienced by staying at home. All this considerably improves your ability to compete in the domestic market as well.

By going overseas, you can become more efficient and increase your productivity. Exporting companies have better growth prospects, highly skilled, highly productive staff and tend to adapt technology and best practice techniques faster.

Even if you have a limited domestic market, you should think about exporting - around a quarter of new exporters are born globals.

Global brands can be built from small local companies – especially in rural and regional Australia.

This section will guide you step-by-step through exporting:

1. Getting ready for export

Learn the basics of exporting and get advice on the first steps in preparing your company for export.

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2. Export strategy

An export strategy is an essential component of your business plan. Find out how to implement a successful export strategy.

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3. Market research

Good market research entails finding out what actually drives a market – and how to get the best out of it.

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4. Export marketing

First impressions are important. Learn how to gain a competitive advantage by presenting well.

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5. Visiting the market

It helps to visit potential export markets for yourself. Put a plan in place to get the most from your trip.

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6. Risk management

Learn how to develop a simple risk management plan to better protect your companies investment.

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7. Getting financial assistance

Financial assistance and advice is available from a number of government and private sector agencies.

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8. Freight and logistics

For goods exports, transporting your product to an overseas market efficiently and competitively is crucial.

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9. Sales leads

It is exciting is receive your first real enquiry. Learn how to convert that opportunity into real business.

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10. Legal issues

International contracts for the sale of goods can be very complex. Get advice on legal issues pertaining to exporting.

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11. Exporting FAQs

Frequently asked questions

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12. Success Stories

Read the latest export Success Stories

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