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Australian researchers apply a healing touch

23 Feb 2012

Australian researchers have made a breakthrough in a medical treatment that promises to speed up the wound-healing process.

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) have developed a topical treatment called VitroGro® ECM, which restores the body’s normal healing process in patients with chronic non-healing wounds.

In the latest round of clinical trials, VitroGro® ECM was used in the treatment of venous ulcers – painful leg wounds that can often take years to heal, or may not heal at all. After 12 weeks of treatment, 92 per cent of patients were partially or completely healed.

While QUT’s work to date has focused on venous ulcers, researchers are confident that VitroGro® ECM will have a broad range of applications in the treatment of wounds and damaged skin.

Co-Leader of QUT’s Tissue Repair and Regeneration Program, Professor Upton, said she would like to see VitroGro® ECM used to treat diabetic ulcers, burns and in the course of preventative skin care.

“I hope VitroGro® ECM will eventually be used as a tool to maintain skin integrity,” Professor Upton said.

“Perhaps one day you’ll get up in the morning and put on your moisturiser which contains VitroGro® ECM, while you’ll be able to find bio-active bandages that actively assist in healing wounds on the shelves in pharmacies.”

First sales of VitroGro® ECM are scheduled in Australia and Europe for the second quarter of 2012 with trials also set to commence in the United States this year.