Data Alert: Australia’s strong visitor numbers signal rising investment opportunities

12 Sep 2013

A record 6.3 million short-term visitors arrived in Australia in the year ended June 2013, according to the latest data from the Australia Bureau of Statistics.

The record number represented a rise of nearly 5 per cent over the previous year, the strongest growth since 2004-05.

China was Australia’s largest market for total expenditure and visitor nights. Short-term visitor arrivals from China recorded the strongest growth over 2012-13 with 685,000 arrivals, making up 10.9 per cent of Australia’s total.

The robust arrival numbers signal a positive outlook for investment in Australia’s tourism infrastructure, an outlook underpinned by waning mining and energy investment and a weaker Australian dollar.

Download the Data Alert: Australia’s strong inbound visitor arrivals signal rising investment opportunities (PDF)