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  • Data Sources

    Employed Persons By Sector (ABS 6291.0.55.003, Aug 2015)
    Gross Value Added By Sector (Current Prices) (ABS 5220.0, 2013-14)
    Counts of Australian Businesses (ABS 8165.0, June 2010- June 14)
    Business Expenditure on R&D (ABS 8104.0, 2011-12)
    Demography (ABS 3101.0, Sept 2015)
    University Enrolled Students (Dept of Education and Training, 2013)
    Broad Field of Education (Dept of Education and Training, 2013)
    Employer Persons (ABS 6202.0, June 2015)
    Languages Spoken at Homes(a) (ABS 2001, 2011 Census)
    Total Labour Costs (ABS 6348.0, 2010-11)
    Economic Activities (ABS, 5220.0, 2013-14)
    Total Expenditure on R&D in Australia, (ABS, Annual, 2011-12)