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Data Alert: Australia’s Insurance Industry – Export and Investment Opportunities
16 Dec 2008
Australia’s insurance industry has continued to enjoy solid premium growth and its profitability has remained relatively sound amid the current global financial turmoil. The impressive outcome has been primarily attributable to Australia’s overall he ...
Data Alert: Australian Banks – Recent Developments and Trends
12 Dec 2008
The Australian financial system is well placed to weather the current world financial market turmoil. In contrast to many banking systems around the globe, Australian banks have continued to perform strongly and are soundly capitalised. They have str ...
Data Alert: Australia’s Financial Markets Snapshot – 2008
2 Dec 2008
The financial turbulence of recent months has posed challenges for the global economy, and Australia has been affected with a slowing in economic and financial market activity. In relative terms, however, Australia continues to perform well. This ref ...
Data Alert: Australia a Global Financial Services Centre
2 Oct 2008
The publication measures Australia's competitive advantages as a global financial services centre.
Data Alert: Securities regulation: Australia and the United States announce mutual recognition arrangement
5 Sep 2008
On 25 August 2008, the Australian Government entered into a mutual recognition arrangement on securities regulation with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.
Data Alert: Australia – a Regional and Global M&A Player
12 Aug 2008
Merger and acquisition (M&A) activity slowed worldwide in 2007-08, according to the latest data released by Thomson Reuters, largely due to uncertainty in the global credit markets and falls in share markets around the world.
Data Alert: Australia’s Financial Services Workforce – Skilled and Expanding
16 Jul 2008
Totalling more than 400,000, Australia’s financial services workforce is internationally experienced, multilingual and relatively cost competitive. Excellent education and training facilities, a strong regulatory environment, sophisticated business i ...
Data Alert: Australia’s Economy Overtakes South Korea to be Fourth Largest in Asia-Pacific
14 Apr 2008
Australia continues to be one of the strongest economies in the world and occupies a unique position in the fastest growing region in the world – the Asia-Pacific, according to the World Economic Outlook released by the International Monetary Fund (I ...
Investment success story: Australia proves a stable and profitable part of the Asia-Pacific region for bioMérieux
28 Mar 2008
Australia’s respected scientific research skills and counter-seasonality with the Northern Hemisphere are delivering advantages for bioMérieux. The company has exclusive manufacturing agreements with Australian medical equipment companies and will so ...
Investment success story: Sulake Corporation receives warm reception in Australia
23 Mar 2008
Not many global companies can say they established a subsidiary in a country because a bunch of game-playing teenagers asked them to. But that’s exactly what happened with Sulake Corporation.

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