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UQ hydrogen innovation wins joint investment from Government, French multinational
22 May 2013
French multi-national Air Liquide and the Australian Government’s Southern Cross Renewable Energy Fund have invested more than A$9 million in hydrogen storage technology developed by Australia’s University of Queensland (UQ).
Dutch pharmaceutical company to open plant in Australia
13 May 2013
DSM Pharmaceutical Products will open a new facility in Australia to manufacture drugs for early-stage clinical trials of treatment for arthritis, cancer and other diseases.
Australian scientists make landmark insulin discovery
11 Feb 2013
Australian scientists, at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research in Melbourne, have made a landmark discovery about how insulin docks onto cells.
Australian scientists hail ‘potential cure for AIDS’
23 Jan 2013
Australian scientists at the Queensland Institute for Medical Research have reported a discovery that could lead to a potential cure for AIDS.
Australian researchers discover immune system ‘kill switch’
7 Jan 2013
Australian researchers have discovered an immune system ‘kill switch’ that could be a target for chemotherapy and infection recovery.
Australian scientists discover ‘survival’ gene
4 Dec 2012
Australian scientists from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute* in Melbourne, working with colleagues at the University of Toronto in Canada, have discovered a ‘survival’ gene that could hold the key to treating and potentially controlling chronic in ...
Australian scientists lead international team in cancer finding
6 Nov 2012
Australian scientists from Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research and The University of Queensland have led an international team of over 100 researchers in unmasking the secrets of pancreatic cancer.
Australian biotech start-up secures global deal
25 Oct 2012
Vaxxas, an Australian biotechnology start-up, has secured on a research collaboration agreement with major US pharmaceutical company Merck.
Medical Devices fund to boost R&D in Australia
20 Sep 2012
The New South Wales (NSW) State Government has announced the establishment Australia’s first Medical Devices Fund to support research, commercialisation and investment in the field.
Australian hospital performs world’s first bionic eye implantation
7 Sep 2012
A cross-disciplinary group of Australian researchers successfully performed the world’s first bionic eye implantation at the Royal Victorian Ear and Eye Hospital last month.

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