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Australia signs tax treaty with New Zealand
2 Jul 2009
The Australian Government has signed a new tax treaty with New Zealand. The Australian Minister for Trade, Simon Crean, said that Australia and New Zealand continue to strengthen their economic links and move towards an integrated trans-Tasman econom ...
Australian researchers make cancer breakthrough
30 Jun 2009
Researchers in Sydney have developed a way to overcome drug resistance in tumors, the prestigious medical journal Nature Bioechnology has reported.
Australian scientists make malaria breakthrough
29 Jun 2009
Australian scientists from Melbourne’s Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, the Burnet Institute and Deakin University, have made a breakthrough in new treatment options for malaria, one of the world’s most devastating diseases.
Australian scientists find further genetic link between MS and vitamin D
26 Jun 2009
Australian scientists, along with colleagues from New Zealand, have discovered another genetic link between Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and vitamin D metabolism.
Australian Government’s Major Project Facilitation program
15 Jun 2009
The Australian Government encourages private sector investment in productive and sustainable enterprise in order to foster long-term productivity growth in the Australian economy.
Five Australian cities on world's most liveable list
12 Jun 2009
Five Australian cities have ranked in the Top 20 of the Economist Intelligence Unit’s 2009 Liveability Survey.
Australia to fund bionic eye research after bionic ear success
5 Jun 2009
The Australian Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research, Senator Kim Carr, has opened a $50 million competitive grants initiative for research into the bionic eye.
Australia voted first for business confidence
4 Jun 2009
Australia has been voted as the best place to be in world during the current downturn.
Australian researchers develop Parkinson's wristwatch monitor
29 May 2009
Scientists at the Melbourne-based Florey Neuroscience Institute, Australia’s largest brain research institute, have developed a wristwatch device that continuously monitors the health status of Parkinson’s disease sufferers.
Australian scientists develop new HIV test
28 May 2009
People living with HIV will benefit from a new test developed by Australian scientists at the Melbourne-based Macfarlane Burnet Institute.

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