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Australia – ‘most efficient and competitive financial sector in Asia-Pacific’
19 Jan 2010
The Australian Financial Centre Forum’s report, Australia as a Financial Centre, has just been released. Commissioned by the Australian Government, the report concludes that Australia has arguably the most efficient and competitive financial sector i ...
Indian Bank opens in Australia
9 Dec 2009
The Indian state-owned Union Bank of India (UBI) has established a foothold in Australia, opening a representative office in Sydney.
Data Alert: Australia’s Managed Funds Market Update
2 Dec 2009
Australia has one of the world’s largest contestable pools of investment fund assets. In the September quarter 2009, Australia had A$1.3 trillion in funds under management (FUM). Australia’s FUM are equivalent in size to the domestic equity market ca ...
Proposed Australian tax changes beneficial for sovereign investors
1 Dec 2009
The Australian Assistant Treasurer, Senator Nick Sherry, said that the proposed changes are to income tax law to formalise the existing tax practice of exempting certain income earned by foreign governments.
November International Data Comparison
5 Nov 2009
IDC provides an easy-to-read comparison of Australia’s performance and position across a range of key economic and financial related indicators. This IDC has been updated to include data and information effective to 3 November 2009.
Data Alert: Australia Emerging from the Global Financial Crisis in a Position of Strength as an International Financial Centre
28 Oct 2009
Australia is positioned to emerge from the global financial crisis earlier and in a comparatively better position than most developed nations. Australia’s financial sector has not been immune from the crisis, but it has fared better than other major ...
US financial advisory services company expands operations in Australia
26 Oct 2009
The New York-based global financial advisory services company, International Assets Holding Corporation, has expanded operations in Australia with the opening of a new headquarters in Sydney.
Data Alert: Australian banks have continued to exhibit robust performance
14 Oct 2009
Australian four major banks' ‘AA’ ratings have recently been affirmed, and are among 9 banks of the world's 100 top banks with a AA or above rating.
Australia ranked second in world for quality of life
14 Oct 2009
The United Nations Development Program’s just published Human Development -Report 2009 has ranked Australia second among 182 countries for quality of life.
IMF cites Australia as only advanced country to record positive growth in 2009
13 Oct 2009
In its just released World Economic Outlook (WEO), the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has cited Australia as being the only advanced economy on track to record positive growth in 2009.

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