Austrade: your guide to the world’s growth markets

02 Mar 2012

In times of global economic uncertainty, building and maintaining strong overseas markets is more important than ever, says Austrade’s Executive Director for Australian Operations, Tim Beresford.

Interviewed on Sky Business this week, Mr Beresford said Australia’s prosperity is fundamentally linked to exports, and Austrade plays an important role in helping businesses meet the demands of the global economy.

As Australian companies come to grips with the complex challenges of international business, Austrade is committed to identifying and helping businesses make the most of opportunities.

In 2010-11, Austrade provided assistance to about 13,000 export-ready businesses, most of them SMEs.

Austrade’s direct services to exporters are now concentrated in the world’s growth and emerging markets, such as East and South Asia, Latin America and Africa, where the challenges of doing business are especially acute.

These services are designed to provide the maximum support for businesses in markets where they need it most.

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Watch the interview

Austrade’s Executive Director, Tim Beresford discusses Austrade’s support for Australian businesses on Switzer TV.