Winning business with Japanese automotive manufacturers

16 Mar 2012

Australian component suppliers are pursuing opportunities to expand their business in ASEAN with Japanese Automotive manufacturers.

In 2010-11, 80 per cent of all vehicles manufactured in the ASEAN region were produced by Japanese Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).   And with market production forecast to reach five million units by 2015, Austrade’s automotive team says this is an opportunity too great to ignore.

According to Austrade’s ASEAN Automotive Business Development Manager, Leigh Wilmott, Japanese Automotive manufacturers represent a large volume of business in the ASEAN region; however, Australian companies need to be prepared to commit to long term engagement.  

“Following a number of natural disasters in the ASEAN region, we are seeing a shift in the way Japanese OEMs approach sourcing and decision making,” Mr Wilmot says.

“More than ever, Japanese companies are looking to secure their supply chains and achieving cost reductions through innovation, localisation and multi-sourcing strategies.

“Unlike other markets, Australia’s automotive capability is not well understood by Japanese manufacturers. Austrade is working to raise awareness through the Japan in Asia initiative and a series of visits to leading Japanese Automotive Manufacturers in the region."

In February 2012, Mr Wilmott led a webinar for Australian companies looking to grow their business throughout ASEAN. More than 30 companies attended the session, gaining insight crucial to winning business with Japanese OEMs.

The recorded webinar is now available online and you can learn more by subscribing to Austrade’s quarterly Asia Auto Update.