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pdf icon Taste of Australia in Vietnam 2016 Webinar presentation Taste of Australia in Vietnam 2016 Webinar presentation 2179 05/02/16 None
pdf icon Mining Indaba 2016 Participants Directory Directory and profiles of Australian participants at Mining Indaba 2016 1596 03/02/16 None
pdf icon Pakistan Market Summary With a population of more than 180 million people, Pakistan is the sixth most populous country in the world and is located at the crossroads of South, Central and Western Asia, bordering the Arabia Sea, between India on the east and Iran and Afghanistan on the west and China in the north. 591 02/02/16 Market brief
pdf icon Sri Lanka Market Summary Sri Lanka, the island nation is located south of the Indian subcontinent. The private sector drives the Sri Lankan economy led by services such as telecommunications, transport, banking and tourism; and export industries including apparel, ceramics, gems and tea. 711 02/02/16 Market brief
pdf icon Bangladesh Market Summary Bangladesh is the eighth most populous country in the world. Known as the “Emerging Tiger” of South Asia, Bangladesh's economy is seen by Goldman Sachs as having high potential for growth. 755 02/02/16 Market brief
pdf icon Austrade Enterprise Agreement 2015-2018 In accordance with section 172 of the Fair Work Act 2009, this Agreement covers the Chief Executive Officer of Austrade (on behalf of the Commonwealth) and all Austrade APS employees employed under the Public Service Act 1999, except for Senior Executive Service (SES) employees. 712 29/01/16 Corporate
pdf icon EMDG-Fact-Sheet-Resources-and-Energy EMDG-Fact-Sheet-Resources-and-Energy 266 27/01/16 None
pdf icon EMDG-Fact-Sheet-Pharmaceutical-Medicinal-Products-Manufacturing EMDG-Fact-Sheet-Pharmaceutical-Medicinal-Products-Manufacturing 266 27/01/16 None
pdf icon EMDG-Fact-Sheet-Financial-Professional-Scientific-Technical-Services EMDG-Fact-Sheet-Financial-Professional-Scientific-Technical-Services 269 27/01/16 None
pdf icon EMDG-Fact-Sheet-Fashion-Design-Manufacture EMDG-Fact-Sheet-Fashion-Design-Manufacture 263 27/01/16 None
pdf icon EMDG-Fact-Sheet-Arts-Recreation-Services EMDG-Fact-Sheet-Arts-Recreation-Services 270 27/01/16 None
pdf icon EMDG-Fact-Sheet-Agriculture-Forestry-Fishing EMDG-Fact-Sheet-Agriculture-Forestry-Fishing 266 27/01/16 None
pdf icon EMDG-Fact-Sheet-Advanced-Manufacturing EMDG-Fact-Sheet-Advanced-Manufacturing 266 27/01/16 None
pdf icon EMDG Fact sheet for the Tourism industry How EMDG helps the Tourism industry sector export 198 27/01/16 None
pdf icon EMDG Fact Sheet for the ICT Industry How the EMDG scheme helps the ICT sector export. 270 27/01/16 None
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