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Australian hotel services group sets high standards in China
18 Oct 2016Education and Training | Tourism
Argyle Hotel Group exports the highest standard of Australian hotel and resort management services to China. By strategically targeting second- and third-tier provinces, the group has rapidly expanded ...
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United States of America
Australian startup spearheads mobile location services
23 Sep 2016
Bluedot Innovation’s mobile platform is advancing location-based services, payments and mobile commerce.
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Sri Lanka
Australian institute's hospitality training supports Sri Lanka's growing tourism market
23 Aug 2016
Education and Training
William Angliss Institute, one of Australia’s leading centres for hospitality training, is providing specialised skills development for hundreds of graduates each year through a successful partnership ...
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Driving success in road safety management
21 Jul 2016
With one of the highest road fatality rates in the world estimated at more than 200,000 deaths per year, road safety is a major problem in India.
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Australian seeds help improve forage pastures in Pakistan
4 Jul 2016
One of Australia’s leading seed companies, Heritage Seeds, had exported forage seeds to Pakistan for some years but exports increased substantially after the appointment of an exclusive agent in 2015.
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Korea, Rep (South Korea)
RDA Orana
31 May 2016
RDA Orana’s training initiative provides Korean students with valuable work experience while helping local companies to diversify and grow their businesses.
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Modernising Rail in India: The Australian Way
19 May 2016
TTG Transportation Technology is helping Indian Railways double its capacity to carry rail freight faster, cheaper and more reliably.
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Australians take the humble hot chip to Pakistan
18 Apr 2016
Melbourne company Cone Heads is feeding Pakistan’s passion for eating out.
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Australian company takes a down-to-earth view of India's future
2 Mar 2016
A Brisbane-based geospatial technology company is helping India plan its future growth.
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Transforming Chinese cities into sustainable, resilient and liveable towns
11 Feb 2016
Building and Construction
Floods, droughts and water environment degradation: Australian expertise is solving urban water management issues and creating liveable cities in China.
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Australian medical diagnostic technology company in the global fight against drug resistance
2 Dec 2015
Health and Medical
SpeeDx’s clinical testing technology is advancing the field of precision medicine, seen as a solution to the growing global threat of drug resistance.
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Tomcar Australia: a tale of reinvention, innovation and high-quality manufacturing
1 Dec 2015
Tomcar is an all-terrain vehicle that began life in the military before being reinvented in Australia for a wide range of commercial and recreational uses.
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World leading ICT consultancy banks on Australian software expertise
23 Nov 2015
High technology adoption rates, local IT flair and a reputation for being a great incubator for fresh ideas are some of the factors that attracted Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to invest in Australi ...
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Collaboration drives success at Siemens’ Tonsley service centre
30 Sep 2015
Machinery, Parts and Equipment
A new Siemens workshop, located at the Tonsley precinct in Adelaide, that services turbines and heavy equipment is helping South Australia compete as a national centre for technology and engineering.
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French renewable energy company, Neoen expands across Australia
29 Sep 2015
Opportunities to expand into new international markets like Australia, where renewable energy was expanding attracted leading French renewable energy company, Neoen.
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Making every drop count – Australian expertise to address India’s water security needs
9 Sep 2015
From ‘all too hard’ to a record year: how an award-winning Australian mining technology company eventually won over the Indian market.
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Japan’s Takeda Pharmaceutical Company joins forces with Australian research institutes
4 Aug 2015
A partnership between Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited and Australia’s Monash University hopes to revolutionise treatments for gastrointestinal conditions.
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UK software company Firefly sets up first international office in Sydney
27 Jul 2015
London-based education software company, Firefly, is finding Australia a perfect platform to grow and expand its international presence. The new Sydney office has enhanced the company’s ability to sup ...
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Spain’s Grupo AlibĂ©rico makes Australia its regional hub for high-tech manufacturing
17 Jul 2015
Alucoil Composites has become a pioneer of aluminium composites in Asia-Pacific after the company opened the region’s first made-to-order, panel-manufacturing plant in Campbellfield, Victoria in 2015. ...
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Australia’s IT capabilities and innovation record attracts Cloudera
10 Jul 2015
Australia’s highly regarded capabilities in technology and innovation and shared business ties with the United States enticed Cloudera to establish its first office in Australia
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