US and Australian organisations partner to streamline border security through data analytics

16 Mar 2017

US-headquartered global information technology (IT) company, Unisys, is joining forces with CSIRO’s Data61 to develop an advanced data analytics solution to streamline Australia’s border security assessments.

Unisys will fund the research partnership with Data61 which will be able to detect potential security risks posed by travellers and cargo at air, land and sea borders.

The research involves identifying patterns of potential risks such as traveller intent and cargo content through analytics and machine learning from airline data sets.

Data61 and Unisys plan to unveil a proof-of-concept at a major Asian hub with the aim of developing the technology into product ready for governments to use and automate their international border security.

In a joint media release, Mark Forman, Global Head and VP for the Public Sector at Unisys said the partnership provides a ‘unique opportunity to advance border security technology around the world during a time of increasingly sophisticated threats and greater dependence on international travel and cargo shipments’.

Adrian Turner, Chief Executive of Data61 said the end goal of this international collaboration is to make border security processes more efficient, cost effective and safer for countries around the world.

‘It's one of the ways Data61 is working with industry to translate data-science – in this case deep analytics and machine learning into a viable product to help deliver economic and societal impact.’

CSIRO's Data61 addresses Australia and the region's data-driven future with science and technology through global industry and university partnerships to deliver economic, societal and environmental outcomes.

Unisys is an American IT company that works with a range of clients, including governments, on pressing IT and business challenges. It offers cloud and infrastructure services, application services, business process outsourcing services, and high-end server technology. Unisys employs more than 20,000 staff around the world, with 900 based in Australia.

Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner in New York, Nicola Watkinson, said that showcasing world class innovation with organisations like Data61 is a great way to profile Australian capabilities to the US market. ‘We are looking forward to partnering with Data61 around blockchain at Consensus on 17 May.’