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  1. search file icon1. Transcript: A video case study on Sovereign Hill - Transcripts    Transcript for video case study on Sovereign Hill.  - Last Modified 1 Mar 2016
  2. search file icon2. A video case study on Sovereign Hill - Video    A video case study on Sovereign Hill Transcript  - Last Modified 1 Mar 2016
  3. search file icon3. A video case study on Sovereign Hill - Alt format - Video    A video case study on Sovereign Hill.  - Last Modified 29 Feb 2016
  4. search file icon4. Australian Cyber Security US Mission Directory - Publications    Showcasing Australia’s world-class cyber security capabilities and opportunities to the United States of America.  - Last Modified 7 Feb 2017
  5. search file icon5. 2016 Regulatory Reform Report Card - Regulatory Reform    Tourism Urbis 2016 Regulatory Reform Report Card Regulatory Reform Report Card.pdf.aspx  - Last Modified 25 Jan 2017
  6. search file icon6. Screen Production ICR - Publications    This industry capability statement provides an overview of Australian capability in the screen production industry, including examples of some of the many companies with specialist expertise. Production ICR.pdf.aspx  - Last Modified 19 Jan 2017
  7. search file icon7. US Medical Technology and Life Sciences Clusters Report - Industries    This report provides an overview of medical technology and life sciences clusters in the US.  - Last Modified 13 Jan 2017
  8. search file icon8. US Cyber Security Cluster report - Industries    This report provided an overview of the US cyber security industry.  - Last Modified 25 Nov 2016
  9. search file icon9. Screen Production capability statement - Publications    This industry capability statement provides an overview of Australian capability in the screen production industry, including examples of some of the many companies with specialist expertise.  - Last Modified 14 Nov 2016
  10. search file icon10. Mining for talent 2015: A review of women on boards in the mining industry 2012 – 2014 - Event presentations    Women in Mining (UK) (‘WIM (UK)’) is a 1300 strong women’s professional association formed in 2006. Our members represent an incredibly diverse range of areas and professions within the mining industry. Together, we work to promote and progress the employment, retention and professional development of women in the mining sector. WIM (UK)’s role includes advocacy – informing industry participants and decision-makers of both the opportunities and the challenges experienced by women pursuing careers in the mining sector.  - Last Modified 8 Nov 2016
  11. search file icon11. Canada Market Snapshot - Market profile    Like Australia, Canada has a low population density and a vast wealth of natural resources. The Canadian economy was the 10th biggest economy in the world by GDP in 2015 while Australia was ranked 13th. Market Snapshot.pdf.aspx  - Last Modified 21 Oct 2016
  12. search file icon12. Review of the EMDG Scheme Report 2015 - Publications    Certainty and Confidence: Exports and Jobs for a Changing Global Economy  - Last Modified 14 Sep 2016
  13. search file icon13. Innotrans 2016 - Australian Railway Industry Participant Directory - Australian industry capabilities    A comprehensive list of Australian Railway Industry Participants at Innotrans 2016 in Berlin from 20 - 23 September 2016.  - Last Modified 2 Sep 2016
  14. search file icon14. AWIC2016_InternetPlusEducation_HujiangCom_CHANGZhitao_EDU - Event presentations    AWIC 2016 Industry Presentation  - Last Modified 26 May 2016
  15. search file icon15. Veritas Architects Australia.pdf - ข่าว    Veritas Architects Australia.pdf.aspx  - Last Modified 10 May 2016
  16. search file icon16. Lightwave.pdf - ข่าว    Lightwave  - Last Modified 10 May 2016
  17. search file icon17. Investment Opportunities in Australian Resources and Energy Brochure - Resources and energy    Australia’s vast mineral and petroleum resources underpin its status as a global leader in the resources and energy sector.  - Last Modified 24 Mar 2016
  18. search file icon18. Australian Registered Training Organisations - Publications    This is a list of Australian Registered Training Organisations.  - Last Modified 28 Jan 2016
  19. search file icon19. 参加校リストPDF for Web - イベント    AFUEE 2015 school list参加校リストPDF for Web.pdf.aspx  - Last Modified 2 Oct 2015
  20. search file icon20. Austrade Report More than MOOCS - Export markets    Online Education - Austrade Report More than MOOCS  - Last Modified 2 Oct 2015
  21. search file icon21. GIFMS 2015_brochure_Final.pdf - 主要活动    GIFMS brochure 2015_brochure_Final.pdf.aspx  - Last Modified 9 Jun 2015
  22. search file icon22. Australian titles published in Poland 2015.pdf - Aktualności    PL_Australian titles published in Poland titles published in Poland 2015.pdf.aspx  - Last Modified 18 May 2015
  23. search file icon23. Australian titles published in Poland.pdf - Aktualności    Australian titles published in Poland titles published in Poland.pdf.aspx  - Last Modified 1 Apr 2015
  24. search file icon24. ABWI 2015 Media Coverages - Online - Australia Business Week in India    ABWI 2015 Media Coverages - Online 2015 Media Coverages - Online.pdf.aspx  - Last Modified 6 Feb 2015
  25. search file icon25. Australian Food Guidebook-CHT-148x210mm-內頁-low-update.pdf - 最新消息    我們希望透過"品位澳洲-澳洲食品飲料指南” 讓您對目前介紹在台灣銷售的澳洲食品原物料、生鮮食品、包裝食品、保健食品及飲料有所瞭解。本書內容展現澳洲食品的多樣與創新,您可以進一步了解澳洲食材可廣泛的運用在不同產品。 歡迎與我們聯絡,讓我們協助您找尋更多獨特的澳洲食品及合作供應商。 Food Guidebook-CHT-148x210mm-內頁-low-update.pdf.aspx  - Last Modified 28 Jan 2015