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Transcript - Education events in Europe and Russia

Education events in Europe and Russia

9 March 2011

Duration: 2 min. 38 sec.

Speaker: Nicholas Baker, Austrade’s Trade Commissioner, Paris and Education Manager, Europe and Russia




The Investing in Europe road show which is taking place in June – it will cover the UK, Germany and France – is a new initiative. What it entails is we contacted our industry contacts in the markets of France, Germany and the UK, multinational investors who already have a strong presence in Australia, and we asked them to give us their wish list of innovation needs and technological requirements for three to five years. With that wish list, which we got from various companies including pharma companies like Glaxo Smith Kline, Sanofi-Aventis, we got it from aero-defence companies like EADS or Tallis; they gave us this wish list and we then went to the research and development and commercialisation offices of the major universities throughout Australia and asked them if they could come up with areas of innovation to try and solve these problems and help them move forward. So we’re currently screening applicants across Australia and we hope to take them to Europe in June and do a sort of a business matching exercise with them during this process.


We have a couple of major events for Europe and Russia happening this year. First of all we have the annual European Association of International Education Conference, the EAIE, which takes place in September every year, and in 2011 it’ll be taking place in Copenhagen, and it brings together higher education institutes and it’s all about university to university exchange and it also has a strong focus on international development and collaboration. So that’s something where we’ll be having a large study in Australia stand and typically we have nearly every Australian institution represented at that show; so it’s a very important show.


In addition to the flagship events we also, according to the different markets, we have a whole series of trade shows and events that we do around Europe. So it could be a study in Australia’s standard, a show in France or Switzerland or Germany or the UK, Russia, Poland. There are a whole lot of international events that we look at every year and we make sure that we have a presence at the most relevant events each year.



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