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Transcript - EMDG: Introduction

November 2011

Duration: 3 min. 09 sec.


VOICEOVER: Is your business aiming to export goods, services, intellectual property or knowhow overseas? The Export Market Development Grant Scheme, known as EMDG, can assist you in developing your export markets by reimbursing a portion of your expenses. For many years this scheme has helped Australian businesses grow and expand into overseas markets.

JOE DAVIDS: For a small business you need all the kinds of help that you can and the grant, which is financial assistance, and Austrade as a whole, it makes for really good assistance to small businesses.

GREG BOWMAN: The grant’s been fantastic because it effectively doubled our marketing budget and given us the confidence to go out there and develop our website. So now our website we’ve got in three languages – French, Mandarin and English – so we can, when I’m going pitching into Beijing or talking to France about their events, they can log on and they get everything in their own language, which is fantastic.

CLAIRE BELL: When we first started we were, you know, nobody even knew about jet boating really and so that’s been a really big challenge for us, to try and educate the overseas market about jet boating in Australia and that’s really one thing that the grant has helped a lot with, that we’ve had that extra money to spend.

STEVE MOSLEY: Well it helps us further promote ourselves overseas and promote our product here locally but it gives us the opportunity to explore different avenues overseas to see where else we might be able to push the product that we’re actually producing.

DAVID LENNIE: It’s been not only helpful, it’s been vital. It’s one of the reasons, it’s one of the justifications of staying in Australia when in the printing industry, most of the industry has gone to Asia. It’s one of the reasons why we can stay behind, because of the financial support that we get.

VOICEOVER: If this sounds like something of interest for your business then here’s what you need to do. The Austrade website has all the information you need to find out what the EMDG scheme is about and how to apply for a grant. Before we get into the detail, however, it is important to check that you’re eligible, and for this there’s a simple eligibility checklist located on the Austrade website. Once you’ve checked that you may be eligible you can complete an application form.

If you have any problems, Austrade staff are happy to help you with any questions or assistance you might need. We also conduct workshops to help new applicants apply for a grant, or put yourself on our mailing list and we’ll supply you with regular updates. Once you’ve completed the application form, submit it to Austrade by 30 November and we will assess the application and determine your grant entitlement. But it pays to lodge early; most claims are received in November, so if you lodge prior to this it will mean faster payment. If you want any further information go to the Contact Us page of the website. (


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