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Transcript - EMDG: Eligibility

November 2011

Duration: 1 min. 20 sec.


VOICEOVER: EMDG is a reimbursement grant scheme. You spend money on eligible export promotion activities and then Austrade will partially reimburse it, up to 50% of your total eligible export promotion expenses are reimbursable above a threshold of $20,000. Grants range up to a maximum of $150,000 and you are allowed up to seven grants.

To apply for the grant the applicant must be an eligible business, for example, a sole trader or a company seeking to export an eligible product and spending on eligible export promotion activities. Grants are not payable if certain disqualifiers apply. If you are a first time applicant you must also meet grants entry requirements. To qualify for a grant it is important that you keep appropriate records which substantiate the expenses you are claiming.

To clarify your eligibility assess your business by using our eligibility checklist found on the Austrade website. If you want any further information, go to the Contact Us page of the website. We are here to help. (


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