Part Five: Appendices

Appendix D

Client Service Charter

Austrade’s Client Service Charter was developed after consultations with our clients and represents our commitment to improve our service performance. The charter sets out the service standards clients can expect from Austrade and outlines how they can provide feedback. Our clients rate our performance against each service standard (stated below) in our annual Client Service Improvement Study.

Our service values

understand your business and work with you in partnership

provide advice and information based on experience and networks we have established across Australia and around the world

be commercially focused and deliver services that are tailored to your needs

be professional and highly motivated to help your business

be flexible and responsive in meeting your particular needs.

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Our service standards

We value the information you give us and will maintain confidentiality.

We will clearly explain our service offerings and how they can add value to your export efforts.

Austrade will explain any fees and provide you with a written quote before commencing work on your behalf.

If you contact us, we will respond within two working days of receipt of your enquiry. If your business enquiry is more complex, we will inform you of our progress. Austrade will agree with you on timeframes, deliverables and follow-up.

We will keep you informed of major developments that affect your project.

Austrade will endeavour to deliver opportunities that best match your line of business.

We will provide appropriate referrals if Austrade cannot help you.

Austrade will provide you with clear information on eligibility and application and assessment processes for our Export Market Development Grants (EMDG) and will process your application promptly and efficiently in accordance with the EMDG legislation.

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Help us to help you

Brief us clearly about your products or services and business objectives.

Allow realistic lead times and keep us informed of your timeframes for taking action.

Let us know how we might improve our services and/or when we have done a good job.

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Measuring our performance

Austrade will review the charter and provide opportunities for you to comment on your satisfaction with our services through our annual client satisfaction survey and other research. This will allow us to measure the outcome of our assistance and identify issues and service aspects that are important to you.

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Consultation and feedback

We welcome your feedback. Simply call us, write to us or send us an email. If you have a problem you need resolved, please raise it with the staff member concerned or write to:

Client Service Manager
GPO Box 5301
Sydney NSW 2001

If, at any stage, you are dissatisfied with our handling of your complaint, you may contact an office of the Commonwealth Ombudsman and/or the Privacy Commissioner.