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Austrade at a glance

Who are we?

The Australian Trade and Investment Commission (Austrade) contributes to Australia's economic prosperity by helping Australian businesses, education institutions, tourism operators and governments as they:

  • develop international markets
  • promote international education
  • win productive foreign direct investment
  • strengthen Australia's tourism industry.

Austrade also helps Australian citizens by providing consular and passport services in designated overseas locations.

Our staff

1,095 Austrade staff at 30 June 2017, 70 per cent of whom were employed in client-focused operations in Australia and overseas. Staff turnover was 11.3 per cent and the gender balance was 56 per cent female and 44 per cent male. For detailed staffing information, see page 145.

Our mission

To promote Australian exports and international education, strengthen Australia's tourism sector, and attract investment into Australia by generating market information and insights, promoting Australian capabilities, making connections through an extensive global network of contacts, leveraging the 'badge of government' offshore, working collaboratively with partner organisations, and providing quality advice and services to exporters, education institutions and investors.

Where we work

121 locations at 30 June 2017, including 83 overseas locations in 49 markets, with 15 of those locations also providing consular services on behalf of the Australian Government. Within Australia, Austrade had 10 offices, complemented by a further 28 TradeStart offices. See the network map on pages 6–7.

Extending our reach

Austrade works with other agencies and organisations onshore and offshore to extend our reach into the business community and leverage external resources, knowledge and skills, including agencies within the Foreign Affairs and Trade portfolio and across the Australian Government, state and territory governments, industry associations, business councils, and chambers of commerce.

Our service commitment

Each year, Austrade undertakes satisfaction surveys to assess service delivery and identify areas for improvement in its services to Australian organisations. The surveys are conducted independently and results are available throughout the year.

Achieving our purposes

Austrade's purposes are listed below, along with some examples of how we achieved them in 2016–17. How we measure our performance is explained in the reporting framework on pages 16–18, with more detailed performance results summarised in Part 2 of this report, starting on page 19.

Develop international markets

11,126 general and tailored services provided to 5,082 Australian organisations, helping them access opportunities identified by Austrade and others (see page 55).

Established three Landing Pads in global innovation hotspots overseas, delivering on the Government's National Innovation and Science Agenda, and taking the total number of Landing Pads to five (see page 88).


Promote international education

Worked with other agencies to deliver activities identified in the sector's long-term market development roadmap, Australian International Education 2025 (see page 94).

91% of Australian education institutions surveyed indicated they achieved some form of commercial outcome as a result of working with Austrade, above the forecast 70 per cent (see pages 25 and 92).


Win productive foreign direct investment

Contributed to almost $4.8b in recorded investment value resulting from 92 investment outcomes, helping to increase foreign direct investment in Australia (see page 104).

Contributed to the development of northern Australia, including through the delivery of over $1 million in grants through the Australian Tropical Medicine Commercialisation grants program (see page 111).


Strengthen Australia's tourism industry

Increased the supply of aviation capacity between Australia and key tourism markets, contributing to the successful negotiation of several new air service arrangements, which removed capacity restrictions for designated airlines operating services to Australia (see page 117).

$103.2b in overnight visitor expenditure, up 6.6 per cent, and continuing to track above the Tourism 2020 lower-bound target of $115 billion (see page 115).


Help Australians with consular and passport services

99% of the 16,568 passport applications received were processed within the required timeframe (see page 129).

Provided high-quality and responsive consular support to 822 Australians in difficulty overseas (see page 129).

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