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Corporate and operational planning

Austrade’s planning and performance management practices align its activities and resources to achieve the priorities set by the Australian Government. Planning is conducted within Austrade’s strategic operating environment, and seeks to ensure the agency provides maximum value to the Government, and to Australian businesses and institutions, while also ensuring the highest ethical standards. Figure 26 outlines Austrade’s key planning documents in 2017–18.

Figure 26: Austrade’s key planning documents in 2017–18

Figure 26: Austrade’s key planning documents in 2017–18

Corporate plan

Under the Australian Trade and Investment Commission Act 1985 and the Public Governance, Performance and Accountability Act 2013, Austrade’s CEO is required to present a corporate plan each year to the Minister for Trade, Tourism and Investment.

The corporate plan sets out Austrade’s strategies for achieving its purposes over the next four years and explains how it will measure those achievements. It is Austrade’s primary planning document and builds on the outcomes set by the Government and published in the annual portfolio budget statements. For further information on how the corporate plan relates to the portfolio budget statements, see Figure 7 on page 18.

Market and business unit plans

Detailed plans to support Austrade’s key functional responsibilities for its major international markets, and for divisions in Australia, are prepared annually. These plans are also a major source of information for the development of the agency’s risk management plan.

Corporate performance reporting framework

To monitor overall organisational performance, Austrade’s performance reporting framework links the performance criteria and forecasts in Austrade’s corporate plan with more detailed internal reporting measures. This framework ensures Austrade’s activities are aligned to achieve defined operational objectives, while incorporating measures to monitor stakeholder satisfaction, internal governance, and resources and capability.

Staff performance agreements

Staff performance agreements are prepared on an annual basis, covering the period from 1 July to 30 June. The agreements are consistent with the market plan and business plans of the unit in which the individual staff member works, as well as with Austrade’s corporate performance management framework.

Employee communications

Austrade’s governance arrangements are designed to ensure effective decision-making and communication of corporate governance and organisational priorities. During 2017–18, staff received corporate messaging across human resources and operational, project and program updates, in addition to details on the progression of Austrade’s transformation process.

The methods used to communicate corporate information to staff included:

  • CEO and corporate messages delivered via the intranet, email and video
  • tailored messages from executive group members, general managers and line managers
  • a regular electronic newsletter, Global News Digest
  • presentations to Austrade’s global network through the Stay in Touch program
  • a single location for collaboration and information-sharing on Austrade’s intranet
  • dedicated space on the intranet for communications about the transformation plan, including status of each of the various project initiatives.
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