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Highlights from 2017–18

Continued to deliver value to Australian businesses

89% of all clients surveyed say they were satisfied with Austrade’s services, and 85 per cent of businesses say they achieved a commercial outcome within 12 months of working with Austrade (see page 57).

Hosted major minister-led business missions

225 delegates attended four minister-led business missions, including Australia Business Week in India, held in August– September 2017 (see page 67).

Delivered Landing Pads in global innovation hotspots

87% of 2018’s first cohort of surveyed Landing Pad participants achieved or expected to achieve a commercial outcome within 90 days of commencing their residency at the Landing Pad (see page 84).

Continued to develop northern Australia

Nine investors from the global health sector have matched government funding to build partnerships with Australian research institutes to commercialise approaches to curing tropical diseases using the Australian Tropical Medicine Commercialisation grants program (see page 103).

Supported the international education and training sector

1,428 general and tailored services delivered to Australian education and training providers (see page 90), and Australian International Education 2025 activities delivered across the sector (see page 89).

Promoted Australia's free trade agreements

756 participants attended 22 North Asia free trade agreement seminars across Australia (see page 80).

Assisted Australian businesses through the Export Market Development Grants scheme

3,706 grant recipients received grants worth $131.6 million in 2017–18 (see page 72).

Restructured for Austrade's future

Austrade’s operations were grouped into seven overseas regions, and eight industry sectors. These were supported by a Client Group and a Business, Partnerships and Support Group (see pages 5 and 32).

Strengthened Australia's tourism sector

$107.4b in overnight visitor expenditure generated in the 12 months to March 2018, up 5.7 per cent (see page 106), with Austrade progressing a number of reforms identified in the Tourism 2020 Implementation Plan (see pages 105–110).

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