Eliza Chui - Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner

Eliza Chui

Eliza commenced her role in August 2015 as Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner for Taiwan, leading the Australian Government’s activities in trade, investment and education promotion.

Together with a team of 13 staff members, Eliza is developing new sectoral focus in renewables, health, digital economies, and skills training in addition to the strong bilateral ties in resources and energy, agrifood, and education.

Eliza has extensive experience in facilitating international collaborations in trade, investment, education and R&D. Prior to her Taipei posting, she was Education Commissioner for North Asia and Consul (Education) based at the Australian Consulate-General in Shanghai providing overall leadership and direction to promote Australian education and training across China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, Mongolia and Japan. Previously, she held various leadership roles in Australian universities with experience in a wide range of policy, management and global marketing responsibilities.

She holds the degrees of Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) and Master of Educational Administration, and a Certificate in English-Chinese Translation.