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With a growing middle class that is expected to rise from 12 million in 2012 to 33 million in 2020, a significant increase will occur in purchasing power and demand for premium consumer goods and services in Vietnam.

Market Action Plan

The Vietnam Market Action Plan provides a collective view of opportunities and challenges for Australian education, training and research. It provides shared goals to coordinate government and sector actions, to collectively grow brand Australia.

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  • Capital Hanoi
  • Official Languages Vietnamese
  • Population 93.6 million
  • International tertiary students 82,160 Source: UNESCO

Student enrolments - growth and actual


31 Jul 2019 MIP subscribers only

Vietnamese private university seeks partners to co-deliver bachelor and diploma programs

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30 Jul 2019 MIP subscriber content

Knowing our competitors — Austrade transnational education report released

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26 Jun 2019 MIP subscribers only

Private university seeks partners for high school STEM activities in Vietnam

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1 May 2019 MIP subscribers only

Tourism growth in Thailand and Vietnam opens opportunities for tourism and hospitality providers

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