Pivot Tables

The pivot tables provide international student data in Excel spreadsheet form to enable easier analysis and data manipulation. Find below descriptions of the data variables provided in each table.

In an effort to reduce the size of downloads, a subset of the data from 2011 onwards was created (left column). The full time series from 2002 onwards are available as larger downloads (right column). Pivot tables are compatible with Excel 2003 or later.

(Source: Department of Education and Training)

Please note: In 2016, 35 universities commenced semester one in February, compared to 22 universities in 2015. This has caused a large increase in the YTD February 2016 student enrolment data. A comprehensive picture of semester one 2016 is not expected until the release of March data.

Explanatory Notes

Fact sheet – Enrolments, commencements and student numbers

Explanatory notes for enrolment data