Detailed Tables

The detailed monthly tables expand on the information provided in the 'enrolment graphs’ section (Tables 1 to 6). Information includes monthly enrolments, commencements and year-to-date data. Monthly data adds new enrolments for the month to the number at the start of month.

Tables 7 to 12 contain enrolment information about each sector by top 10 nationalities and state/territory. These tables count the year-to-date activity up to and including the reference month.

Tables 13 to 26 contain enrolment information about each sector by pathways, provider type, state/territory, nationality, broad field of education and level of study. These tables are available to Market Information Package (MIP) subscribers only.

The data in the following tables is updated throughout the year resulting in some revision to previously published data.


Please note: In 2016, 35 universities commenced semester one in February, compared to 22 universities in 2015. This has caused a large increase in the YTD February 2016 student enrolment data. A comprehensive picture of semester one 2016 is not expected until the release of March data.

(Source: Department of Education and Training)