Note: In January 2018 the Department of Education and Training discontinued publishing education data in this format. To view the latest education data visit MIP Orbis.

This page provides the most recent data available in this format.

Enrolment Graphs

Enrolment graphs present international student enrolments by sector in a monthly time series format. Month-by-month analysis includes information on enrolments, commencements, finishes and year-to-date totals.

Click on the images below to view the tables individually or download the full set of Tables 1 to 6 (PDF 106KB).

More detailed data are contained in the 'Detailed Tables' section.

  • Table 1: All Sectors
  • Table 2: ELICOS
  • Table 3: Higher Education
  • Table 4: VET
  • Table 5: Schools
  • Table 6: Other

(Source: Department of Education and Training)