How the brand was developed

Future Unlimited was developed under the Australia Unlimited framework, which was endorsed by the Australian Government in 2010 to better communicate Australia’s credentials as a business partner and global citizen. While Australia has a wealth of capabilities, it is often best recognised internationally for its environment, fauna and lifestyle. Australia Unlimited seeks to demonstrate a more dynamic Australia, showcasing its creativity, innovation, and global engagement. And Future Unlimited seeks to better communicate the strengths of Australian education by showcasing the outcomes it can deliver.

An extensive process of research and consultation with a wide range of stakeholders was undertaken to develop the Future Unlimited brand. Brand workshops were held with representatives from public and private higher education institutions, vocational education and ELICOS providers, and schools. And the brand identity concepts were tested with international students both in Australia and offshore. The concepts were well received, strongly associated with education and effectively conveyed messages about positive outcomes, successful futures, international portability and recognition.

The brand identity focuses on graduate outcomes. It uses images of individuals, set in a workplace environment, who convey a sense of achievement and confidence, and the photography uses a sense of light and space to convey Australia’s positive and optimistic outlook. It has been developed for the education sector in Australia to use and to be adaptable to different audiences, whether they be school students, research students or even businesses.

Choosing to study internationally is a big decision, so it’s important that we consistently communicate the benefits of an Australian education. By collaborating as a sector, we can achieve greater awareness and impact internationally, and ensure that Australia continues to be both a leading study destination and a highly regarded supplier of education services internationally.