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August student visa data shows slight increase in growth

15 Oct 2018

The Department of Home Affairs have released August 2018 student visa data. Key results include:

  • Student visas grants* increased by 14 per cent to 273,982 for the January to July 2018 period compared to the same period in 2017. This is slightly higher than the 13.2 per cent recorded for the same period in 2017 compared to 2016.
  • VET grants increased by 34.4 per cent and higher education by 15.7 per cent; these sectors (including postgraduate research) accounted for three quarters of total grants. Independent ELICOS grants declined by 4.6 per cent, non-award by 12.8 per cent and schools by 14.8 per cent. VET was the only sector whose growth was stronger in the YTD 2018 than it was in the YTD 2017.
  • 39.6 per cent of student visa grants were to applicants already in Australia, this is up from 33.3 per cent in the YTD August 2017. This is even higher for VET, where over two thirds of grants are now to students already onshore.
  • The top three markets all experienced strong growth: China 12.4 per cent, India 52.5 per cent and Nepal 46.1 per cent. Six of the top 10 markets however, experienced slower growth than the same period last year. Only India, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam’s growth is faster this year than last.
  • Strong growth outside of the top 10 markets came out of Bhutan (79.8 per cent increase to 1,690 grants), Mongolia (57.4 per cent to 2,074) and the Philippines (43.2 per cent to 4,572)

Visit the Austrade website for MIP Orbis interactive charts and dashboards, and data.gov.au for the student visa pivot tables. Data enquiries can be directed to IEdata@austrade.gov.au _________________________

*Primary applicants only, excluding Foreign Affairs or Defence sector