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‘Find the key’ digital campaign to be launched in Latin America

12 Mar 2019

Austrade plans to launch the Find the key campaign in late April, to attract high quality prospective students from Latin America. The campaign will be delivered in both Spanish and Portuguese through Facebook and Instagram, and will centre on a digital game with a major prize. It offers significant opportunities for partnerships and leverages a digital first promotion for student recruitment.

The Find the key digital campaign aims to target prospective students in twelve cities across Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru to study in Australia. Participants will create a digital storyline after being asked a series of questions based on academic, psychological and cultural subjects. In addition to digital advertising, Austrade will work with DFAT, local agents and allies to promote the campaign.

The campaign is part of our broader student recruitment strategy to incorporate more effective digital promotions. It builds on insights generated through the Peru education campaign, which reached 3.2 million viewers through the Ojo en familia interview; and the La Clave es digital and experiential campaign in Colombia, which positioned Australian education as innovative and a leader in technology.

We are making a significant commitment to Instagram in advance of the Find the key campaign. We’re also using PR to support our regional outreach in five second-tier source cities in Brazil and Colombia.

During the  Australian mission to the FPP Fairs in Brazil, Colombia, Peru and Chile, we will be distributing an eDM to our database of over 1,500 prospective students, along with direct outreach to leading schools and agents, and digital promotion through DFAT social and alumni channels using our digital assets. We will also be using a chatbot to manage enquiries at these fairs and hosting briefings for the 26 participating Australian institutions. Google Latin America intend to participate with a presentation about digital media consumption by youth audiences and options for collective action in 2019/20.

For enquiries about the Find the key campaign or other digital activities in Latin America, please contact Camilo Pena — Education Manager, Austrade Colombia.