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Improvements to the MIP subscriptions process

26 Jun 2018

In response to feedback from MIP Account Managers and MIP subscription members, we have made some changes to the MIP subscription management system.

  • It is now much quicker and easier to apply for a new MIP subscription and member access, or to renew a subscription
  • MIP Account Managers now have a Manage Members page to action member requests, view a full list of all approved members, and pre-approve and invite colleagues
  • All MIP users can see the status of their MIP subscription on their own personal Austrade dashboard

As we have merged a number of databases, there is a very small possibility that some MIP subscription members might lose access. If this happens to you, we request you apply again to regain your access.

Please also take this opportunity to review Personal Profile details.

For further information please contact the MIP Team