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Market Action Plans (MAPs) for Indonesia and Vietnam released

02 Apr 2019

Austrade has released a series of Market Action Plans (MAPs) to enable greater collaboration and maximise impact and benefit for the sector and Australia’s brand through a coordinated set of actions. MAPs for Indonesia and Vietnam are now available. The MAPs are funded by the Department of Education and Training under the Enabling Growth and Innovation fund.

Australian education and training providers are actively seeking new opportunities, both in terms of traditional recruitment and in-market delivery, and those arising from digital and disruptive technologies.

The MAPs provide a collective view of opportunities and challenges for Australian education, training and research. They are designed to help improve Australia’s competitive position and long-term sustainability by prioritising the opportunities that priority markets offer, understanding the barriers that limit our success and recognising the threats that challenge our efforts.

MAPs reflect the core objectives of the National Strategy for International Education 2025 and Austrade’s market development roadmap AIE2025. Central to these strategies is the need for government at all levels and the sector to work collaboratively, as the MAPs provide the platform to enable a cooperative focus and aligned effort to maximise impact and benefit for the sector and Australia’s brand.

MAPs for Indonesia and Vietnam include a framework of goals and actions that set out how the Australian Government, led by Austrade, will work with states and territories, and Australia’s international education sector. These have been developed through an extensive series of consultation across jurisdictions and the sector. Success will be measured by the extent to which stakeholders collaborate on projects to achieve the goals that are set out.

Importantly, further to the market intelligence within each of the MAPs, there are various ways to engage and participate. We encourage you to reach out to learn more about opportunities to collaborate.

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