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MIP Orbis Tip – Using the sandbox to modify charts

17 May 2018

MIP Orbis dashboards provide access to international education data through interactive visualisations. This article provides tips on how to modify existing charts, using the MIP Orbis sandbox.

The student data and market info dashboard pages contain various charts to display the latest international education data by market, sector, state and more.

Example – Sector percentage share of total Indian enrolments, 2017
You want to create a pie chart to look at the composition of Indian enrolments by sector, but the student data dashboard only shows sector trend data via a line graph. To create a pie chart in the sandbox, follow these steps.

  1. Navigate to the Education Data page and ‘Launch MIP Orbis’. You can then select India from the list of markets. This will open the India student data dashboard.
  2. MIP ORBIS - filter by market

  3. Next to ‘Student data options’, select ‘Full year’.
  4. MIP ORBIS - trends by sector

  5. The ‘trends by sector – all’ chart on the dashboard will display Indian enrolments by sector over time.
  6. MIP ORBIS - student data options

  7. If you want to view a sector’s percentage share of total enrolments for one year, you can use the sandbox to create a pie chart:
    1. Go to the sandbox by clicking the ‘Explore’ box on the bottom right hand side of the chart
    2. Give the chart a title eg. ‘Enrolments by sector, 2017, India’
    3. Remove ‘year’ from the segment by area, and drag in ‘sector’
    4. Drag ‘year (year)’ from the left hand menu and drop it into the ‘filter by’ area
    5. Remove YTD Enrolments from the ‘size segments by’ area and replace with “Enrolments full year’
    6. Select ‘pie’ from the dropdown menu where ‘line’ is currently selected
    7. Select ‘India’ from the nationality filter drop down
    8. Select ‘2017’ on the year slider under the chart.

    MIP ORBIS sandbox

Hovering your mouse over the chart, you can now see that in 2017, 62 per cent of enrolments from India were in higher education and 31 per cent were in VET.


Based on feedback from the 2017 MIP Survey, Austrade will provide regular tips to MIP subscribers on how to better use MIP Orbis. You can find more information on how to use MIP student data in our new user guide.

For further information contact the MIP team.