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Where to Compete? – Introducing an Austrade business advisory tool

16 Oct 2018

Where to Compete? Is an Austrade data-enabled online advisory tool for education organisations. This tool enables you to search across markets for insights and broad-based opportunities relevant to your business, and to facilitate analysis and comparisons of markets where education opportunities exist.

Australia’s ongoing competitiveness relies on our ability to compete with the right product, at the right time, in the right place in an increasingly competitive and rapidly changing world.

With one billion students worldwide projected by 2025, this tool will help to sharpen market focus for the education sector, and give Australia the edge in capitalising on new opportunities. Market insights gathered by Austrade staff in-market on business opportunities, with objective data and economic indicators from official sources depict growth potential, scale of opportunity and ease of access in a market.

You can use the tool to search for broad-based education opportunities across markets, explore a single market of interest, and compare markets and opportunities. You can filter your search by a single sector or multi-sectors as well as by delivery modes.

Where to Compete? is an extension of MIP Orbis. MIP subscribers can access the ‘Where to Compete’ tool on the Austrade website. You can also navigate to the tool from MIP Orbis by clicking the ‘Compare markets’ hyperlink at the top of the page.

A detailed user guide is available.

We introduced the online tool at the Australian International Education Conference last week and received strong interest with some useful feedback. We encourage you to use this online search tool and to feedback your comments for further improvements.