Consortia case study: Victorian Oil & Gas Consortium

Solution: Delivering targeted and industry supported skills training for the oil and gas sector.

Approach: Reactive or opportunistic approach

Business Model: State / territory focussed consortia

Members:  Five Victorian TAFEs: Box Hill Institute, Chisholm Institute, Federation Training,  Melbourne Polytechnic and The Gordon.

The requirements for training were at a scale and range of expertise that would have been difficult to meet in isolation, but could be achieved using a specific capability-based focus provided by each member. 

Key takeaways from the success:

  1. Participants reported that a lead member was crucial, as this aided the coordination of input from the other consortia members. The Victorian government was also a key facilitator, who supported greater cooperation between the Victorian TAFEs.
  2. Each consortium member had nominated a specific niche area of expertise, in line with their capabilities. This was well received by the education consultant who was managing the Australian awards program, who recognised the consortium’s ability to meet the requirements of the training both in terms of breadth and expertise. 
  3. Courses were delivered across Indonesia and Australia, requiring substantial in-country knowledge. Deep in-country relationships and the use of local partners meant the consortium was better received in Indonesia. It could deliver localised content in Bahasa where needed, and had an Australian contact base, supporting network development.
  4. Trusted partner relationships proved important. Negotiation at the formation stage required some work to agree upon an equitable contract, but this process ran smoothly given a willingness by members to ensure the final outcome was successful.

Post delivery outcome: These relationships have an ongoing benefit. Members have now begun to pursue new opportunities together, with high levels of trust given their experience in working together. This means they are more responsive to new opportunities and competitive to international customers.