Using this toolkit

Working as part of a consortium provides a means to deliver on a larger scale, and also an opportunity to partner with other providers with unique strengths to form a world-leading offering targeted to the needs of the market. It has the potential to propel Australian providers into much broader and lucrative markets.

To date, working in consortia has been used in only a few cases successfully by Australian education and training companies to respond to international opportunities. However our research has found it allows members to address challenges of scale, breadth of capability, manage risks, improve brand and share costs associated with market entry. This is especially true for large scale international opportunities where one small provider would not have the resources nor breadth of capability to compete. 

This toolkit provides a step-by-step guide to achieve the benefits of using a consortium model for large scale borderless and offshore opportunities.

The toolkit’s sequence of steps for consideration will be fluid. Companies may enter the consortium continuum at different steps based on both the approach of the consortium’s business formation and the business model used as summarised.


Provides a checklist of items for consideration by management or board of SMEs during each stage of a consortium.

Pertinent insights and experiences shared from the interviews conducted across government, peak bodies, and your industry peers.


Links that provide additional tools and information sources that may help you with the particular stage of the consortium process.