Steps to follow


  • Review the EMDG Eligibility checklist (PDF) to ensure your business is eligible to apply for EMDG assistance
  • Ensure you have an AUSkey
  • Complete the online application form and SUBMIT the application using the SUBMIT button

If you need to clarify any part of your application, refer to A Guide to Applying for EMDG (PDF) or contact Austrade.

You must complete and submit your online application, including all required documents, between 1 July and midnight (AEDT) 2 December 2019, or use an approved EMDG Quality Incentive Program (QIP) Consultant who can lodge a claim on your behalf until midnight Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) 3 March 2020.

Austrade does not, by law, accept incomplete or late applications.

AUSkey information

You must have an AUSkey to use the EMDG application form.

AUSkey is a secure electronic key used by businesses to access government online services. This electronic key provides an online identification of you and your business. If your business has an Australian Business Number (ABN) you are eligible for an AUSkey.

To obtain an AUSkey, a representative of your business will need to visit the AUSkey website at and using your business’s ABN and their individual personal Tax File Number, follow the prompts to register. Applications are usually processed within a day.

Each person acting on behalf of your business who plays a part in completing an online application for an EMDG grant will need their own individual AUSkey. There is no limit to the number of AUSkeys your business can hold. Once a representative of your business has an AUSkey, they can administer the issue of further keys for other members of staff.

Find more information on AUSkey at


As you work through the EMDG application form, you may be asked to provide documentation, such as financials, invoices or bank statements. What documents you are asked for will depend on what you are claiming.

The application form will have a description of the documents you need to submit. The descriptions can also be found in the document A Guide to Applying for EMDG (PDF) under the corresponding question number. The guide also specifies information you must provide if:

  • you are promoting goods that are not made in Australia
  • you have already received two grants and have selected the Option B EMDG performance measure.

If you are submitting your own application, you will be required to complete and upload an Applicant declaration (PDF) with your EMDG application form.

If you are a consultant submitting an application on behalf of a client, you will be required to complete and upload a Consultant declaration (PDF) with the EMDG application form. This form includes the Applicant declaration, which must be completed by the client for whom you are submitting..

For more information, see the EMDG guide to record keeping (PDF).