Success story: Metal Core Distribution

EMDG grants help Metal Core Distribution Pty Ltd build its export business

Envy ScootersMetal Core Distribution is an exporter of Non-motorised scooters and components under the brand name “Envy”.

Barry Cuneo told Austrade, “November 2012 sees us introducing a new high end brand, FASEN Scooters, distributing through a separate and motivated distributor in the USA and the existing Distributor in Europe, who has ‘sub distributors”, representing about 15 countries, including Finland, Estonia, Russia and Czech Republic, as well as UK and mainland Europe.” He added that, “The great burgeoning markets are Canada, South America and Asia, with South Africa yet to be touched.”

The company’s initial 5 year plan identified Australia only in year one, New Zealand in year two, the UK in year three, Europe in year four and the US in year five. However, in the first year, they were already distributing in five countries in Europe and the UK, and they had started distribution in the US. Branding was split into two in June 2011, with BLUNT Scooters in Europe and the UK, and ENVY Scooters in the US, Australia and Asia.

Export sales reported in calendar year 2011 amounted to $579,235; and in 2012, $2,779,449. Overall gross reported sales in 2012 amounted to $5,090,760.

“This business is not simply a matter of selling scooters, bought through the myriads of resellers out of China. In October 2012, our riders filled 10 of the 45 final positions in the ISA Scooter World Championships, held in the UK. BLUNT, ENVY and FASEN riders attained 3 of the top ten spots. Research and Development of latest technology is where we concentrate our efforts. Our design team are BMX and scooter champions and the whole design and model range is rider developed, tested and endorsed, through an active team of 22 riders worldwide. Brand recognition, through quality, performance, style and association with top riders through “signature” products is a focus only attainable through credibility. (similar to surfing, BMX, etc),” Mr Cuneo said

Metal Core Distribution first heard about the EMDG from a business mentor, who was astonished that they had leapt headlong into this without any outside support. He suggested that they talk with Austrade about the EMDG scheme. Austrade was immediately helpful, because Metal Core Distribution had already made significant steps towards growth in their business plan.

Mr Cuneo said, “To then get the professional and financial support in marketing from the Australian Government, through the professional and helpful staff at Austrade, gave us the extra impetus to accelerate our marketing, search out new and profitable markets way before we previously felt able to. Consequently, our growth and profitability has multiplied, our vision expanded, and ultimately the export income to Australia increased.